+24h High
The highest coin price calculated on a rolling 24 hour basis.
+24h Low
The lowest coin price calculated on a rolling 24-hour basis.
+All Time High
Highest Price ever.
+All Time Low
Lowest Price ever.
+Circulating Supply
The amount of coins tradable by the public.
+Fully Diluted Market Cap
This is calculated by multiplying PRICE TIMES MAX SUPPLY. If Max Supply is not available, Total Supply is used. If both are unavailable, Fully Diluted Market Cap is "--".
+Market Cap
This refers to TOTAL MARKET VALUE of the currency. This is similar to the Stock Market where you multiply the Shares Outstanding by the Share price.
+Max Supply
The maximum number of coins planned for the life of the currency.
+Total Supply
The total amount of coins created minus coins out of circulation.